Simplifying Information Requests and Boosting Leads

When CNM Ingenuity needed to revamp their lead generation system, they used Formstack to create a successful process for information requests.


When potential students came to the CNM Ingenuity website, they were unable to contact the correct person to fit their specific needs. Responses to information request forms were slow, and it often took many back-and-forth emails for the potential student to be placed in contact with the correct employee. After this first interaction, tracking the potential student’s future interactions was nearly impossible.


Because CNM Ingenuity uses Salesforce as their CRM, they chose Forms for Salesforce to revamp all their lead generation forms. Thanks to its native integration with Salesforce, any information captured on their lead generation forms now feeds directly into Salesforce. Students can quickly submit their information, and the form automatically alerts the correct employee to respond to the inquiry.

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Accelerated response time

Enabled team to quickly process and respond to more than 1,800 information requests

Automated processes

Removed all manual data entry from the lead generation process

Improved reporting

Enabled sales funnel tracking from contact to enrollment

Created better experiences

Created a more meaningful first contact with leads due to improved data collection

Video Transcript

CNM Ingenuity, Inc. is a nonprofit created by Central New Mexico Community College. The organization supports a new approach to education that provides accelerated educational opportunities in key workforce areas and innovative training and development to foster economic growth.
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