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Formstack and CRMNinjas Partner for Salesforce Solutions

Annie Sullivan
June 15, 2022
Min Read

When CRMNinjas, a company that helps organizations setup, manage, and scale their use of Salesforce, had clients who needed help managing their data and getting it into Salesforce, they turned to Formstack for solutions to these and other everyday work problems. Read on to see how they helped businesses get rid of paper processes, manage a mobile workforce, and grow.

Setting SeniorWell Up for Success

SeniorWell facilitates on-site healthcare in senior living communities across four modalities: audiology, dentistry, optometry, and podiatry. 

The Problem

SeniorWell’s patient information was collected on paper, making it decentralized across many locations and states Worse, paper intake was not uniform, as every location used different forms and collection techniques. Thus, it was difficult for employees to collect and add the information in Salesforce so that SeniorWell could manage patient appointments across different modalities. 

But it wasn’t just on the patient side of things that SeniorWell needed to break down data silos. Within their own systems, SeniorWell did not have a centralized and uniform way to track repair orders from their various facilities. This created headaches on the backend when trying to ensure everything got fixed in a timely manner.

The Solution

CRMNinjas proposed to centralize and standardize patient information collection with Formstack for Salesforce. They did this by setting up a patient intake form, leveraged with ExperienceCloud, that provides a uniform information intake across all facilities and states. This standardized and sped up processes, made inputting data simple and easy, and made things run more smoothly.   

They also set up a repair intake and processing workflow using Formstack for Salesforce. Facilities would now fill in denture and glasses repair requests online to track shipping, repair, billing, and return. This brought the entire process into one simple workflow and saved them countless hours.

The Result

Formstack truly transformed SeniorWell’s business. It vastly decreased the time needed to collect patient information and to fulfill repair orders, which made it a better customer and employee experience. Moreover, it improved the lives of patients who no longer had to wait weeks for their dentures to be repaired and returned. 

SeniorWell went from a manual, paper-based company, to a modern, digital, and efficient organization. And the digital transformation aided by Salesforce and Formstack largely contributed to the successful sale of SeniorWell in 2020.

Advancing Avanstay’s Processes

Avantstay has hundreds of high-end, luxury properties that need routine inspections, such as cleaning and maintenance done, while also having the ability to report on these inspections within Salesforce. 

The Problem

Avanstay relies on a mobile workforce, but these cleaning and maintenance contractors needed a data management and input solution that works on their mobile devices and feeds information directly back into Salesforce. 

The Solution

Using Formstack tools, in conjunction with Salesforce’s mobile app, contractors could now complete their cleanings and maintenance tasks in real-time from the property. This solution was scalable because the contractors could be added without hassle, and inspection forms could be updated and modified at any time. 

This also allowed inspections to be handled across the nation quickly and efficiently. It also made capturing and reporting on cleaning and inspection cases directly in Salesforce easy–including the collection of pictures that were submitted by the contractors.

The Result

This solution led to Avantstay moving off another 3rd party system. It lowered their costs, consolidated the inspection workflow directly into Salesforce, and provided a high level of consistency, quality, and customer service across their luxury properties. 

Contractor management was improved dramatically, and communications, management and reporting were contained within one platform.

If you want to learn more about how Formstack or any of its partners can revolutionize the way you do business, check out our Partners Page


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Annie Sullivan
Annie Sullivan is the Growth Marketing Copywriter at Formstack. She lives in Indianapolis and loves writing, reading, and traveling.
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